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Today: May 22, 2015


The vision of Soroti district is to achieve a healthy, educated and self-sustaining population by the year 2025.


Mission Statement

To serve the Community through the coordinated delivery of services which focus on national and local

priorities and contribute to the improvement in the quality of life in the district.


Overview of Soroti District

The growth of Soroti dates as far back as 1904 when the then District Commissioner of Mbale sent Kakungulu to open up some administrative post in Serere, Gweri and Soroti areas. Part of Kakungulu’s team camped near the rock at Soroti chosen for its strategic location on defence and availability of water from the nearby streams. Under the organized and able rule of Kakungulu’s men, local inhabitants were forced to clear the forest and within a few years a large area had been cleared and considerable amount of settlement had taken place.

Word from the Chief Administrative Officer

 I warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing in Soroti District.

Cognizant of the commitment that our leaders at National and district level have endorsed to pursue the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), the rolled District Development Plan (DDP 2011/12-2015/16) incorporates key elements of the new policy planning framwework (NDP) and newly identified priorities emanating from the communities (find document under our publications). This plan builds on the gains achieved in the previous one by taking on priorities rolled over from it that could not be implemented during FY 2010/2011.

Message from the Chairperson

Dear Viewers, welcome to our District official website. Soroti district has embrased the National vision of transforming the society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within the 30 years into its planning processPreviously the District’s Development plan was anchored in the Country’s Poverty

Eradication Plan (PEAP) whose main aim was to fight poverty. With the start of the implementation of the National development Plan (NDP) this FY, the focus is the strategies for unlocking binding constraints to enhance productive capacities,acceleration of economic growth and income and employment generation.The medium term goal is to develop from a low income to middle –income country by 2015.

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