Sensitization Meeting On 3rd Round Of COVID-19 Vaccination At Admin Block Conference Hall

By Abraham Ekwaru

Soroti District held on asensitization Meeting On 3rd Round Of COVID-19 Vaccination at Admin Block Conference Hall.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Uganda started in March, 2021 with the vaccination of high-risk groups and later on all person above 18years of age. With new evidence from WHO, children aged 12-17 years with underlying medical condition.



With the increasing availability of vaccines and evidence on effectiveness and safety of the vaccines among children, registration of COVID-19 clusters in school, there is need for the Ministry of Health to fast track the target of reaching 70% of its population with COVID-19 Vaccination by end of June, 2022 as recommended by the WHO.


To achieve, the Ministry of Health has planned a mass vaccination campaign from 15-20 June, 2022 targeting children aged 12-17 years at the same time adults who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated and those requiring booster doses.


The third round of AMVC will utilize the two approaches; the school-based vaccination targeting children in school for first two days of the campaign and the community-based approach for the next three days.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022